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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Good news @ Now the pharmacists will be able to practice

There is news of happiness for pharmacists. Now the Jharkhand Government is going to adapt the Center's Pharmacy Practice Regulation Manual. According to its provision, now the pharmacists will be able to practice in the state. They will be able to give opinion about patients consuming a prescription and taking medicines written on the doctor's prescription. The provisions of the Pharmacy Practice Regulation Act applicable in the center in 2015 will also be implemented in Jharkhand. Health Minister Ramchandra Chandravanshi has given his consent to the proposal of the department.It is said that the file has been sent for the approval of the cabinet. This can be decided in the next meeting of the cabinet. According to Jharkhand Pharmacy Council Registrar Kaushalendra Kumar, this act will also be applicable in Jharkhand to give advice on medicines to patients by taking pharmacist fees. But they have to keep a full record of five years.
The pharmacists will neither treat the patients nor will they write the medicine form. They will only be able to consult the medicines written by doctors. He explained that there are several provisions for regulating the profession of pharmacists in this Act. Here, the Secretary-General of the Jharkhand Pharmacists Association, Upendra Kumar Singh, has expressed his pleasure in adopting the Central Act and in the form of Odisha, it has also sought the implementation of the provisions in Jharkhand. They also advocate for falsifying the pharmacists first.