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Now this drug will be available free of charge throughout the country

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Disease of Liver Disease After Hepatitis C, the Central Government is now preparing to provide Hepatitis B treatment free of cost. The scheme will be implemented in about six months.
Hepatitis B medicines are available for free in the country. Dr. Sage Kabra, Additional Director, National Disease Control (NCDC) of the Union Health Ministry, in a program organized by Find (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics), gave this information.
According to Dr Kabra, the complete plan and budget of Hepatitis B is available free of cost. Hopefully, it will get government approval too. So far patients have to bear the cost of treating hepatitis B in hospitals. The treatment is available only in a few select hospitals. Because of this, this disease puts financial burden on patients and proves to be fatal.
Dr Saab Kabra told that vaccine is available to prevent hepatitis B. It is compulsory for every child to make this vaccine. Yet a large number of people suffer from hepatitis B. Hepatitis B medicine lasted for three to six months. Leaving the drug is likely to cause the virus to be re-activated. A bullet of its old medicine comes to 30 rupees.
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