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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Essential news for pharmaceutical companies

Recently, after getting infected with a private company's polio vaccine, the government is contemplating to make stringent laws for the protection of medicines and vaccines. When the infection was found in the polio vaccine, the government had very rough skin and asked the company to bring back its vaccine. Such a situation can not be reproduced and the quality of medicines and vaccine being made in the country will be better, for this, the government is contemplating a change in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Sources say that in the new law, there can be a provision of closure of the company with penalty and penalty if any drug is found to be fake, substandard or infected. There is no strict law in this case right now. The Dr. Mashelkar Committee had recommended punishment for death to those who manufacture and sell counterfeit drugs many years ago, but it has not been implemented till date. Sources also show that the new law will make necessary provisions for the production of medicines and vaccines in the country according to the World Health Organization and international standards. Due to the poor quality of medicines many times India has become very rusty at the international level. A few years ago, the US and European Union had banned many pharmaceutical companies in India.