Tuesday, 11 September 2018

This medicine will remind you to when take it.- A new research

A new device has been developed to help the elderly. This device will help them take medication on time. After the drug's name, dosage and time feed in the device, the alarm will burst and the drug out of the machine window will come out. Alarm will stop when taking medicine. If the alarm closes for the drug without any medication, then the person setting the alarm will have a message to not take the medicine. The machine can be pharmed for 24 hours at a time.The special thing is that this device is made by Sun Narayan, a 13-year-old student. The presentation of this device was done in a program organized in IIT Patna. According to Prof. Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari, IIT Patna's incubation center, software and hardware used in the device are advanced technology. Sun Narayan told that his grandfather lived alone. They had always had trouble taking medication on time
The idea of ​​making this device came four months before thinking about this matter. It took two months to assemble batry and other materials. Assembling the device costs 500 rupees. It will be made available in the market for Rs 600, whereas the cost of such a device is between Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 in the US. It can also be run from a solar system.
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