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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Interesting: 5 thousand rupees will be given on feeding this drugs

To prevent the disease of TB, the district administration is going to run a special campaign. Under this campaign, the DOTS providers, who are looking for serious patients (MDR) and doing the full course of medicine, will be given five thousand rupees per patient incentive money. Let the Dot Providers get only 150 rupees for the first stage of TB or feeding the drugs to MDR patients. Due to this, dots providers used to be depressed towards patients. Meanwhile, a total of 681 patients of Yakshma have been identified in Bokaro district.Now arrangements for their treatment are being done through DOTS providers.nUder the new scheme, for providing full course of CAT One drug to DOTS providers, the patients who have given medicines for treatment of one thousand rupees and one thousand rupees for the whole medicine course of Cat II and multi-drug resistant (MDR) patients. They will be given five thousand rupees per patient to get the full course of the medicine of Kat IVThe government's intention behind starting the scheme is to find out more and more patients with DOTS providers. This will help a lot to eradicate the disease. Dr. BP Gupta, Yakshma Officer of Bokaro district, told that the district was selected as a pilot project six months ago for eradication of TB. Here the discovery of potential patients was going on for six months. The Central team will come to the district tour to assess it.