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Friday, 11 May 2018

Good news for medical shopkeeper

There is good news for those who want to take the drug store license. The Health Department has asked for online application for the drug store license. It is reported that the applicant will be issued a license in 21 days if all necessary documents are available. Applicants from all districts will be able to apply online. Sanjay Kumar, Principal Secretary, Health Department, says that all possible efforts are being made to ensure transparency in issuing licenses. It is worth noting that the licenses for drug stores have been closed from March 2017.
People have to face problems due to the closure of license for more than a year. The health department has now made a pharmacy degree mandatory to open a drug store. Also, those shops already have to keep a pharmacist. The license for pharmaceutical shops can be canceled without pharmacists. According to department statistics, there are currently around 40 thousand drug shops in the state. But there is a considerable lack of pharmacists. Many shops are running without pharmacists. Application form, original documents of the store, rent agreement, declaration, income certificate, residential certificate, degree of Pharmacist.