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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Breaking news@Drug Inspector changed the sample before sending Lab

 An inspector of the drug department changed the samples of drugs, which were packed sealed by the officials of the drug department. This became known when the company appealed for a drug declared non-standard. In order to avoid slander, the Department of Medical has entrusted the investigation report against the accused inspector to the government. In addition, an order has also been issued, which says that in the event of any final settlement of the sample, the sample should not be tampered with. If this is done then strict action will be taken on behalf of the department. According to the information, the drug department had samples of Seeker's Omprogolomperidone and Simethicon tablet (batch number ROD 019).
If samples of Suren Pharmaceuticals of Chennai failed, then the company appealed to the higher level and then sampled it to be sent to the Sample Central Medical Laboratory. But the samples sent to Sikar sent to Kolkata were changed. This means that out of five strips of these medicines, three stripes were batch number RDD 019, but two strips were changed. The batch number of these two strip was CDH-016. Surprisingly, this was the strip of batch number CDH-016 which was the year-to-date manufacturing and it was a batch after the sample failed. Drug Controller Ajay Fatak said that Inspector Manoj Gathwal has been found guilty in the investigation of the case. The report has been submitted to the government.
In the matter, the Drug Control Organization has issued a letter to all the Drug Offenders that after taking the sampling and disciplinary action will be taken if there is no tampering or change or mutilation before the disposal of the case.