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Monday, 7 May 2018

Breaking news: Money laundering has been done to suppress drug trials at Malpani Hospital

In Malpani Hospital in Jaipur, efforts have been made to suppress the cases of drug trafficking by calling the youth of Dhigaria as a hajime pill. An affidavit is being written for not giving any kind of action to them by giving 10-10 thousand rupees to the victim. Affected by the drug, Sohanlal of Dhigaria told that after taking the medication the health of the 19 youth of the village was poor.
 Of these, the health of some youth of the village has not yet improved completely. Sohanlal told that he would make a complete fight to get justice with his other colleagues. In this case, all the youths from the collector and the SP met Churu about getting justice and acting against the accused. The youth gave a memorandum to the collector and the SP and made it known to the whole event and called for justice.
It is noteworthy that the youth of Dhigaria village had been called by the Malpani Hospital of Jaipur by asking for 500 rupees a day's honorarium. The main accused, Sher Singh, was unemployed for three months. His brother-in-law, Bhor Singh, told him that 15 to 20 men needed for the patient's work in Jaipur's hospital. After this, he reached Jaipur with his wife Dijaria and Palas and four people from Palasana in Jaipur. Where he was given a tablet after eating food and then got a tablet called Hajme's pill, which helped him to lose his health. At the same time, Dhigria Rohi, a resident of Bhaguram Meghwal, who was affected by the trial drug, was admitted to the government hospital at Sandwa, after suffering a stroke. Maduram Meghwal told that his son had been complaining of chest pain and stomach for several days. Then he was admitted to the hospital. Dr. Ajay Dhaka told that the young man is being treated. In the absence of improvement in health, the youth can be referred to Bikaner or a large hospital. In the investigation conducted by the youth, there is an infection in the blood and BP is also coming down.