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Pharmaceutics book: COATINGS TECHNOLOGY HANDBOOK Third edition Edited by Arthur A. Tracton

Subject: Pharmaceutics

Book Name: COATINGS TECHNOLOGY HANDBOOK Third edition Edited by Arthur A. Tracton
Publication: Taylor & Francis Group
Page: 828

1 Rheology and Surface Chemistry ....1-1 
K. B. Gilleo
2 Coating Rheology ...2-1 
Chi-Ming Chan and Subbu Venkatraman
3 Leveling .....3-1 
D. Satas*
4 Structure–Property Relationships in Polymer....4-1 
Subbu Venkatraman
5 The Theory of Adhesion..5-1 
Carl A. Dahlquist
6 Adhesion Testing...6-1 
Ulrich Zorll
7 Coating Calculations .......7-1 
Arthur A. Tracton
8 Infrared Spectroscopy of Coatings ...8-1 
Douglas S. Kendall
9 Thermal Analysis for Coatings Characterizations ..9-1 
William S. Gilman
10 Color Measurement for the Coatings Indu..10-1 
Harold Van Aken
11 The Use of X-ray Fluorescence for Coat Weight Determinations ..11-1 
Wayne E. Mozer
12 Sunlight, Ultraviolet, and Accelerated Weathering .12-1 
Patrick Brennan and Carol Fedor
13 Cure Monitoring: Microdielectric Techniques ...13-1 
David R. Day
14 Test Panels ..14-1 
Douglas Grossman and Patrick Patton
15 Design of Experiments for Coating......15-1 
Mark J. Anderson and Patrick J. Whitcomb
16 Top 10 Reasons Not to Base Service Life Predictions upon Accelerated Lab Light Stability Tests...16-1 
Eric T. Everett
17 Under What Regulation? ...17-1 
Arthur A. Tracton
II Coating and Processing Techniques
18 Wire-Wound Rod Coating 
Donald M. MacLeod
19 Slot Die Coating for Low Viscosity Fluids ..19-1 
Harry G. Lippert
20 Extrusion Coating with Acid Copolymers and ..20-1 
Donald L. Brebner
21 Porous Roll Coater..21-1 
Frederic S. McIntyre
22 Rotary Screen Coating....22-1 
F. A. Goossens
23 Screen Printing ...23-1 
Timothy B. McSweeney
24 Flexography ..24-1 
Richard Neumann
25 Ink-Jet Printing 

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