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Friday, 20 April 2018

Pharmaceutics book: Aqueous Polymeric Coatings for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, Third Edition Edited by James W. McGinity

Subject: Pharmaceutics

Book Name: Aqueous Polymeric Coatings for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, Third Edition Edited by James W. McGinity
Publication: Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.
52 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Page: 510

1. Pseudolatex Dispersions for Controlled Drug Delivery    . 1
Brian Carlin, Jian-Xin Li, and Linda A. Felton
2. Aqueous Polymeric Coating for Modified-Release Oral Dosage Forms  .. 47
Michael R. Harris and Isaac Ghebre-Sellassie
3. Processing and Equipment Considerations for 
Aqueous Coatings  .  . . 67
Atul M. Mehta
4. Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Films Prepared from Aqueous Dispersions  .  .   105
Linda A. Felton, Patrick B. O’Donnell, and James W. McGinity
5. Defects in Aqueous Film-Coated Tablets  .  129
Ray C. Rowe
6. Adhesion of Polymeric Films  . . 151
Linda A. Felton and James W. McGinity
7. Influence of Coloring Agents on the Properties of PolymericCoating Systems  . . 171

Nasser N. Nyamweya and Stephen W. Hoag
8. Process and Formulation Factors Affecting Drug Release from 
Pellets Coated with Ethylcellulose Pseudolatex Aquac3
Juergen Siepmann, Florence Siepmann, Ornlaksana Paeratakul, nad Roland Bodmeier
9. Chemistry and Application Properties of Polymethacrylate Systems  .  . 237
Brigitte Skalsky and Hans-Ulrich Petereit
10. Application of HPMC and HPMCAS to Aqueous Film Coating of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms  . 279
Sakae Obara and Hiroyasu Kokubo
11. The Applications of Formulated Systems for the Aqueous FilmCoating of Pharmaceutical Oral Solid Dosage Forms  .. 323
Ali R. Rajabi-Siahboomi and Thomas P. Farrell
12. Particle Design Based on Aqueous Coating for Controlled Drug Release   .  .  . 345
Hirofumi Takeuchi, Yohei Hoashi, and Yoshiaki Kawashima
13. Polymer Interactions with Drugs and Excipients  .   369
L. Diane Bruce and James W. McGinity
14. Properties of Aqueous Pseudolatex Dispersions of Biodegradable Polymers  .  409
Steven E. Frisbee, Mark D. Coffin, and James W. McGinity
15. Physical Aging of Polymers and Its Effect on the Stability of Solid Oral Dosage Forms  . 445

Shawn A. Kucera, Linda A. Felton, and James W. McGinity

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