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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Mega job opening: TS govt sanctions 4,583 medical staff posts in govt hospitals; begins recruitment for 1,133 doctors' posts through DSC

With the growing number of patients visiting the government hospitals, the government hospitals across Telangana have been facing acute shortage of physicians, nurses, paramedical and administrative staff across all the primary healthcare centres (PHCs), community health centres and district hospitals. Realising the shortage of medical and other hospital staff across all government hospitals, the Telangana government has sanctioned 4,583 posts in the state, of which the government has decided to fill about 1,133 vacant posts of doctors with immediate effect. 
Earlier, though the Telangana Vidhya Vidhana Parishad (TVVP) had issued a notification for filling up of all the doctor’s vacancies and decided to fill the posts through Telangana Public Service Commission (TSPSC), given the slow process of recruitment by TSPSC, the state government had to fill them through Departmental Selection Committee (DSC) to cut short the recruitment time and ensure adequate medical staff are available in all the government hospitals at the earliest. 

To this effect, in the first phase the TVVP is planning to fill up the vacancies of 1133 posts of speciality doctors in six district hospitals, 31 area hospitals and bout 12 in mother and child Health hentres and 104 in community health centres across the state. 

In fact, the recruitment drive was much awaited because it will have direct impact on state government’s plan to introduce round the clock mother and child care services in the hospitals across all the districts in the state.  

Giving priority to the department of obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and anaesthesia, the TVVP has decided to fill 500 speciality doctors with immediate effect. This is also for the first time in Telangana that 63 forensic medicine specialists will be recruited, which will now make it possible to offer posts mortem services in the districts. 

About two decades ago, the government of united Andhra Pradesh approved about 1145 posts in medial physicians, 2,237 posts of nurses and 2,027 posts of paramedical staff, however since then no successive government’s had filled the vacancies in the state. Because of this, the government hospitals in the state were just reduced to fist aid centres and majority patients were referred to private hospitals for better treatment. However, with the initiatives taken up by the present state government, the quality of medical care has drastically improved in the government hospitals and with more and more patients flocking the hospitals, it has now forced the government to take up the recruitment process seriously.