Sunday, 8 April 2018

Great news: You can get sample report online. Know more how to get it.


The Department of Food and Drug Administration will now take action online on the adulteration of food ingredients. For this, the App named Foss Koreb has been made. The inquiry team will send the samples of milk, sweets mixed in sweet, photograph of the concerned shop and operator immediately to the Food and Drug Administration Bhopal Inspector. There are 5 thousand shops registered in the district. These include retail,
wholesale, distributor. There are 3 food inspectors on these. There are many accusations during the action on food officials.
Having an online record will get rid of it. The estimated date of the sample report will be given as soon as the data is submitted in the app. District Food Officer Shivraj Pakkha said that there is currently a scrutiny report by post. It takes about two months for the report to arrive. Now online inquiry report can be done within 15 days. Sending the online report will make sample inquiry possible as soon as possible. Sample testing will be proforma in mobile app.The food items will be recorded. Details of food inspectors, time, location, shopkeeper's name and photo will be recorded. It will be presented in court with strong evidence.
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